The Science of "Normal"

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The Science of “Normal”


You have just returned from visiting your family physician and were diagnosed with XYZ disease. The doctor mentions that they happen to have just the right drug for your condition. The doctor also mentions that if they cannot solve this problem then the organ will need to be removed, because, for some unknown reason, it is not working. Gasp….

There seems to be no thought given as to the “WHY.” There appears to be no concept and no weight given to the idea that there could be a reason behind your strange malady. We seem to accept this on face value and that is it. No one questions why a certain organ suddenly decided to fail – all by itself – with no permission from you! Why would this happen doesn’t even cross our conscious thought! Think of this for just a moment: We tend to equate our bodies to a car, for instance. Parts fail and we seem to be OK with that – just part of having a car. Right? Wrong. Your automobile is a man-made structure. Your body is not – it is a self-repairing, self-regulating and self-healing entity. What I’m saying is that organs don’t suddenly fail. Have I got your interest yet? Wonderful! Let’s go on…

Our learned thinking is to accept the myth that there is a drug out there that will solve all our problems - much to the delight of the pharmaceutical industry.

And the drug industry is on a band-wagon to "create" new diseases in order to sell more drugs and it seems that most of this fervor is targeting women. They are trying to create a host of new disorders for which new drugs can be administered. One such disorder is known as "female sexual dysfunction." A recent article in the British Medical Journal talked about the medicalization of sexual problems - in order to build markets for drugs among women, despite controversy surrounding this issue. Many researchers believe that portraying sexual difficulties as a dysfunction will encourage doctors to prescribe drugs that change sexual function, when attention should be paid to other aspects of a woman's life. It's also likely to make women think they have a malfunction when they actually do not.

But perhaps the greatest concern is the ever-narrowing definitions of "normal" that help turn the complaints of the healthy into the conditions of the sick, the study warned. What this means is that the “normal” ranges of healthy human function are being narrowed. This means that more people will now fall “outside” these newly developed “normals” and now be pronounced as “sick” – again, Medicine has newly developed drugs to deal with these newly “diseased people” - much to the absolute delight of the drug cartel. And if you have any delusions that health care is about your health, think again. Scary stuff!

Alternative Medicine Anyone?

You would probably be surprised to learn that 37% of all Americans turn to “Alternative Medicine” (that word really throws me) for help with just about anything you can think of; from headaches to diabetes to cancer. And 67% of all physicians are aware of this trend.

Nearly 40% of adults in the US and Canada use some form of complementary and alternative therapy including dietary supplements.  The most recent study on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) showed that:

  • Alternative medicine was most used by those with college degrees and in affluent households.

  • Chiropractic, herbs and massage were most popular.

Why are people seeking this type of care?

Simple. It works!  And it has little or no side effects – an unbeatable combination!

So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I suggest you explore Chiropractic. It is the World’s largest non-drug healing profession. We are here to help you and your family! And we are absolutely relentless in our mission!

Relieving Cold Symptoms


There’s no cure for the common cold, a viral infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics, says FDA’s pediatrician Amy M. Taylor, M.D., M.H.S.

“A cold is self-limited, and patients will get better on their own in a week or two without any need for medications.  For older children, some OTC medicines can help relieve the symptoms-but won’t change the natural course of the cold or make it go away faster,” says Taylor, a medical officer in FDA’s Division of Pediatric and Maternal Health. 

Coughs are a normal symptom of a cold and aren’t all bad.“Coughs help the body clear the mucus out of the airway and protect the lungs; so you don’t want to suppress all coughs,” Taylor says.Non-drug treatments for coughs include drinking plenty of fluids, especially warm drinks to soothe the throat.

But Wait…let’s take this further!

Scientific American reported: The FDA issued a statement in 2008 that warned parents not to give babies under two years of age over-the-counter (OTC) cold and cough medicine because of potentially “serious and life-threatening side effects.” This includes decongestants, expectorants, antihistamines and antitussives (cough suppressants) that you can pick up at pharmacies and supermarkets around North America. 

The FDA strongly recommends to parents and caregivers that OTC cough and cold medicines not be used for children younger than two, “ Charles Ganley, director of the FDA’s Office of Nonprescription Products said. “These medicines, which treat the symptoms and not the underlying condition, have not been shown to be safe or effective in children under two.”

The announcement comes on the heels of a high-profile meeting of medical experts that warned of the dangerous side effects of cough and cold medicine in children and recommended they not be given to those younger than six years old.  Besides fatalities, adverse effects reported included convulsions, rapid heart rates, and reduced level of consciousness.  The FDA noted in its public advisory that it is “aware of reports of serious side effects” in children between two and 11 years old, but is still reviewing information about risks in that age group. 

So…stay with me: it is unsafe for your newborn and up to 2 year old to take OTC cold medicine, so much so that the FDA has warned us not to give these medications to our children.  And it may be unsafe for that child to take that same medication when they are as old as 11,so WHEN does it become safe?  Are you starting to see the issues here, these medications are proven unsafe for some people, then why not assume they are unsafe for all people, probably a good practice in my mindset. 

Remember all drugs have side effects, which are known.Rather than being told that health comes in the form of a drug let’s remember that health comes from within, that our focus should be on improving the health and function of the body. Eat the right foods, get plenty of rest and exercise and make sure to see your chiropractor regularly, that is how we grow healthy families.


If you are tired of being stuck in the traditional “health” care model and want another approach, contact us today! We can’t wait to welcome you into the Prime Chiropractic family!

And as always, if you have any questions, or would information on any health topic, it would be my pleasure to help you!