Our Prime Team

The office would not run as smoothly without the help of our incredible team. We hope that you love them as much as we do!


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Aubrey was born in California, but moved to Texas as an early teen. From there, she went on to receive her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Arizona State University.

Aubrey’s passion for health and serving people started as an early teen when she developed a love for yoga and meditation that she wanted people in her life to share. From there, she developed her own medical struggles that she overcame and developed a renewed passion for helping people be as healthy as they can be, mentally and physically.

When not working, Aubrey enjoys writing, yoga, lifting weights and reading!


Pumpkin is the team mascot and official greeter for the office!! You won’t see her for your first couple of visits, as she stays in Dr. Mary Beth’s office for new patient appointments. But after that, you will see her roaming around throughout the day greeting and loving on everyone! She is the sweetest little thing and a great addition to our office!

If you have an allergy or fear of dogs, please let us know! We will keep her in Dr. Mary Beth’s office during your visits!