Why Kids?

Because our Nervous System (our brain, spine and nerves) grow the most in the first 3 years of life.  If there are any issues with the function of the Nervous System then the body breaks down.  We focus on kids so we can stop this damage young and get them on the right track for an amazing, healthy life.

Great question, as soon as you want to be healthy.  So, preconception! We find most moms are planning their pregnancies and that is the best time to make sure both mom and dad are healthy, before baby is even conceived.  But if you're already pregnant that's wonderful, call our office and get seen soon to optimize your health, your pregnancy and your birth.

How soon into my pregnancy should I start care?

Do you see men?

Of course! Our practice is known for pregnancy and kids, but men, don't feel left out, your health is important too.  Our individualized, customized approach is all about getting you back to health and function, and then enjoying that level of health.

Absolutely! We are constantly learning and hope that you will too. We have a special Lending Library in the office full of all sorts of books - from chiropractic to pregnancy to parenting to life, we've got it all! When you come to the office, feel free to read any of the books while you're here. You can also "check out" books from our library to take home with you for a couple weeks! Just ask the ladies at the front desk!!

Do you have any book suggestions for more info?

Absolutely! Dr. Mary Beth loves doing community outreach and educating the community on their health and empowering people to take charge to have the very best health that they can imagine! Whether you are part of a company, school, moms group, church group, etc., Dr. Mary Beth would love to come speak. And it’s 100% complimentary! Click here to book her for your group!

Does Dr. Mary Beth do speaking engagements?

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